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Developmental Philosophy

The Santa Cruz County Breakers is dedicated to developing the whole player; the goal for each player is to achieve technical excellence while finding the joy in training thus establishing a life-long love for the game. The Breakers’ goal is to develop complete players that Santa Cruz County will be proud to call alumni.

Development of the Whole Player – The Breakers maintains a foundational principle borrowed from the Positive Coaching Alliance – “Put the player first”. By putting the player first, envisioning the entire player, mind, and body, we continue to develop great people, and, in turn, great players. A positive team sports experience will promote a youth’s self-confidence and self-esteem on and off the field.

Joy in Training -The Club creates a training environment that is a benefit to the individual as well as the team. Our professional coaches conduct expert training sessions designed to develop players to their full potential. Through individual and team successes players find the joy in training. While winning is important for all competitive teams, winning will not be placed above the development of the players.

Technical Excellence – The Santa Cruz County Breakers is devoted to the development of the dedicated youth soccer players of Santa Cruz County. As such we have an obligation to develop the individual character of each player as well as their technical and tactical proficiency. Our goal is to continue to attain the highest level of excellence, gaining regional, national and international recognition for the quality of player and person that we field.

Life Long Love of the Game – When dedicated players achieve a superior standard of play, meeting their goals as a player, a natural love of the game follows. The Breakers is committed to and will promote the game of soccer among youth players, at the elite and developmental levels of play, in Santa Cruz County.