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Santa Cruz Breakers proudly announces our partnership with STATSports as “The Official On-Field Performance Monitoring Device of Santa Cruz Breakers and the U.S. Soccer Federation.”


STATSports is the world’s leading GPS monitoring device, providing technology across the USMNT, USWNT, all youth USSF youth national teams, NWSL and elite programs such as Brazil, Germany, Arsenal, Man U, Man City, and top MLS and NCAA programs.


The APEX Athlete Series tracking device, worn in a vest on the player’s back, is used during practices, game days and off-season, to track performance such as: Max Speed, Total Distance, Left/Right Step Balance, Activity Heat Map and provides the ability to compare benchmark data from USSF national teams and top Division I programs. Data can even be live-tracked during the training or match right in the mobile app.


Why does this technology matter to our players? You can now monitor your progress in every training and every match, compare yourself to yesterday’s performance, compare yourself to others on your team, even compare yourself to players on the National team or D1 programs. The partnership between STATSports and Santa Cruz Breakers will help you take your game to the next level.