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Aptos Soccer Club and Santa Cruz County Breakers Strike Up Strategic Alliance

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Aptos Soccer Club and Santa Cruz County Breakers are excited to announce that they have entered into a strategic alliance to combine their competitive soccer programs. The goal is to create a larger program, which will better serve players wanting to pursue competitive soccer in Santa Cruz County.

By creating a larger player pool at each age group, both clubs believe that there will be more opportunities to align players with teams that fit their skill level, leading to greater development of players at all levels. Combining coaching and administrative resources, the new program will be able to provide a better soccer experience for all.

Players will have the opportunity to play year-round competitive soccer through a ten-month program coached by a professional, licensed coach. Alternatively, players may play seasonal competitive soccer through a six-month program played during Fall and Spring, coached by a volunteer. The two-tiered approach allows the players who want to focus on soccer as their primary sport to play at a high competitive level under the year-round program, but also provides opportunities for keen soccer players to play competitively, with a reduced time and financial commitment under the seasonal program.

Volunteer coaches will be supported by professional, licensed directors at each age group who will offer coaching education and guidance, session plans, and soccer curriculum. This will help develop the soccer program to allow players to be coached and trained in a more uniform manner and provide opportunities for coaches to further their soccer and coaching education.

Aptos Soccer Club and Santa Cruz County Breakers will continue to operate community recreational soccer programs independently and continue to be stand-alone entities.

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