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A Thrilling Weekend at the CUFA Tournament in South Lake Tahoe

Journey to South Lake Tahoe

This past weekend, the Santa Cruz Breakers U17 team embarked on an exciting journey to South Lake Tahoe to participate in the CUFA tournament. With several U17 players unable to attend, our roster was bolstered by the addition of U16 players and a U15 goalkeeper, who came to support as a backup.


Midfielder Jordan Ericson/Sportography Shots

Match 1: A Midfield Battle Against Truckee River United

Our first game was a tough match against Truckee River United, which ended in a 0-0 draw. Both sides battled fiercely in the midfield. U17 player Jordan Ericson kept things tight, holding a strong presence and delivering key passes. Morgan Retterer, Lia Lock, and Ana Walker-Edwards looked dangerous throughout the match, creating several chances but unable to find the back of the net.


Morgan Retterer goal/Sportography Shots

Match 2: A Draw with Union Sacramento

In our second game against Union Sacramento, the match ended in a 1-1 draw. Morgan Retterer was our sole goal scorer, capitalizing on an impressive through ball from Ana Walker-Edwards. Defenders Kate Lane and Mercedes Lopez played crucial roles in keeping Union Sacramento from scoring more goals. U17 goalkeeper Michelle made two outstanding saves in the second half to keep us in the game.


Midfield Alexandra Rodriguez dribbling past opponent/Sportography Shots

Match 3: An Offensive Showcase Against Calaveras Youth Soccer Club

Sunday's match against Calaveras Youth Soccer Club was a high-scoring affair, with our team netting an impressive 14 goals. However, the game took a somber turn in the 15th minute when our goalkeeper Michelle was injured after a slide tackle by an opposing player, resulting in a red card. Despite the setback, backup goalkeeper Marilyn Talamantes stepped in and didn't see much action as we dominated the game. The goals came from Morgan Retterer (2), Lia Lock (2), Chloe Waskiewicz (hat-trick), Isabella Valadez (hat-trick), Alexandra Rodriguez (2), Kate Lane (1), Isla Gomez (1), and Hannah Fishbaugher (1). This commanding performance secured our spot in the final against Union Sacramento.


Ana Walker-Edwards battling for the ball/Sportography Shots

The Final: A Hard-Fought Battle

In the final against Union Sacramento, we created several chances in the first half but couldn't capitalize on them. The first half ended 0-0, with notable attempts from Morgan Retterer and Jasmine Vargas-Cordova. The second half saw both sides attacking aggressively. Union Sacramento scored first after a breakaway, despite backup goalkeeper Marilyn Talamantes' best efforts. Ten minutes later, Morgan Retterer delivered a beautiful through ball to Isabella Valadez, who slotted it past the keeper to equalize. The match heated up, but Union Sacramento scored again from a free kick in a dangerous area, securing their victory.

A Proud Performance

Despite the injury to one of our key players, our girls played excellently throughout the competition. Notable players in the final included Morgan Retterer, Isabella Valadez, Lia Lock, Isla Gomez, and Alexandra Rodriguez. We would like to thank South Lake Futbol Club for loaning us four players to help us compete. Our team showed skill, determination, and grit through the matches. We also congratulate Union Sacramento on their victory and look forward to future encounters.

Breakers U17 coach Rob Petruzzi/Sportography Shots

A Coaches Reflection

Breakers coach Rob Petruzzi had this to say about the tournament:

"That final was a classic! Competitive to the end! A physical, back-and-forth match, that either team deserved the trophy. Unfortunately, falling short left a bitter taste at the end of a fantastic weekend of soccer in a beautiful place! I’m so proud of the group of players for coming together from different age groups and clubs to reach the final. It was amazing! The players competed at a high level and showed great skills on the pitch. That blowout was bittersweet and I’m not a fan of running up the score, but we needed it to reach the final. Ultimately, falling short of 1st place, I couldn’t be more proud of all the players involved."

This weekend's tournament was a testament to the spirit and talent of the Santa Cruz Breakers U17 team. The girls demonstrated their ability to overcome adversity and compete at a high level, making us all proud.


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