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Message from Ashley Edgar

By Ashley Edgar, 12/10/18, 4:45PM PST


Breakers -

With the fires in California the end of the Fall soccer season was more than a little disrupted.  This is the first season in memory that many clubs across Northern California had to essentially abandon some games.  The NorCal premier brass consulted with a number of club directors about everything from the smoke in the air, to what to do with the games we have canceled.  With so many communities affected by the fires (and now the rains), and to adhere more closely with the playing calendars that were published NorCal just put the soccer in context and permitted not playing some of the games that couldn’t be made up.  So many factors go into planning the season, including field rentals and availability, other sports, and the holidays. I just wanted to take a moment to put some closure on the Fall as well shed some light on the Winter plans. As a club, we typically take a little break after the final Fall game, and this differs for the age groups, but at this point I know many teams are on a hiatus from the routine training schedule.  Sometime in the next month or so, players can expect to receive an opportunity to reflect through a self evaluation.  The coaches will be putting their own evaluations together to send or present to the players over the next month, but we prefer that the players do their own before we release the coach evaluations, so that we don’t influence their self assessment.


We will also be sending a survey of the parents to get feedback on your experience thus far.  The end of the Fall represents roughly the midpoint of the year, and we would like to see how we are doing and make improvements where we can before the year is over.  One of the defining traits of the Breakers is our commitment to quality coaching in a quality environment for the players. When we resume a regular schedule in January we will be hosting practices 2 days a week for all players not playing high school soccer, as well as some futsal on the weekends.  The idea is to remove the players from the “stress” of traveling and league competition, and allow them to experiment with their skills and become familiar with other coaches. We will send you more specific information in the coming weeks. Training will begin after the school winter break as we try to conform with the hours the schools have janitorial services so we have access to bathrooms and don’t have to pay overtime fees.


You may or may not have noticed when you registered with the Breakers, but there are no dues collected in the month of December.  This is the first year we have done this and we hope to provide a little extra wiggle room in the holidays season. On that note, I know I speak for the whole staff and board when I say we really do wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.  


Ashley Edgar, Director

Santa Cruz Breakers Girls Elite Programs