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Group & Individual Trainings

The Breakers individual, Small Group, and Team* Training Programs are geared specifically for those who strive to improve their technical ability and ball skills. This program will help the player master the ball under pressure and increase the confidence on the ball needed to be successful in a game situation. Basically, individual or small group training is designed to provide your player with something more.

This program emphasizes consistent training within the Club’s developmental curriculum. We encourage experimentation, technical training and the most basic building blocks of the game. (1v1, 2v1 etc.)

It is strongly encouraged that groups are formed with teammates of similar level. Sessions are with Breakers Club Coaches on a fee basis that is consistent within our club. Programs will consist of 6 to 10-week training sessions.

The Breakers program is designed as follows :

Level 1: 6-8 year olds (Pre-Junior Academy Age)
Level 2: 9-11 year olds (Junior Academy Age)
Level 3: 12-14 year olds (Pre-Academy Age)
Level 4: 15-18 year olds (Academy Age)

Training fees for one-hour training sessions (per player):
Option 1: $ 55 for an individual
Option 2: $ 30 for 2 players
Option 3: $ 20 for small groups of 3 to 9 players
Option 4: $ 10 for groups of 10 to 18 players (*team training)

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